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In a time when the world is hit by crises that question the ability of governments to ensure long-term political, economic and social stability for their citizens, furthering the knowledge of other cultures is more important today than ever before. The special tie that has long since linked Germany and France is an important element of an expanded Europe’s coalescence.

The Franco-German Journalism Prize numbers amongst the key elements of bilateral cooperation. The prize serves to honour contributions that cast light on issues of relevance for both countries. In doing so, it contributes to expanding the respective horizons, while additionally also honouring attributes like creativity and talent that serve a shared culture on their part. By enabling journalists from third countries to compete – provided that their entries treat of Franco-German themes – the prize gains further legitimacy.

Radio France – as France’s largest radio station and indispensable news channel – has always attached great importance to the cultural European issues. This is reflected in our reporting about the Europe of today and tomorrow as much as in our partnerships, be they of a short-term design or – as for example with the members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) – of a longer-term nature.

It is thus only natural that Radio France should have continued its partnership with the Franco-German Journalism Prize year after year since its inception. This partnership enables it – over and beyond the regular journalistic and musical teamwork with our German colleagues – to contribute to a better understanding between the people on this and the other side of the Rhine.

Let us ensure that this creativity based on the values of independence, open-mindedness and pluralism will also remain our future strength in a media world in transition, and a trademark of ours which many envy us for.