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FAQs – frequently asked questions

Who can compete for the prize? 2019-02-11T11:55:30+01:00

The prize is open to all authors and editorial teams, be they freelancers or working for a medium in the public or private sector.

Can employees of the FGJP’s partner organizations compete for the prize? 2019-02-11T11:56:10+01:00

Yes, see answer above.

Are contributions by teams of authors accepted? 2019-02-11T11:57:25+01:00

Yes, there is no limit as to how many authors an entry can have. The authors need to submit the entry together, however, and must all be listed with name and age. If a prize is awarded, the prize money will be equally split between the persons involved.

Is there a limit for the number of entries submitted per author? 2019-02-11T11:58:47+01:00

Yes. Three entries can be submitted per author and category at most.

Can authors submit entries in various categories? 2019-02-11T11:59:52+01:00


Which contribution goes in which category? 2019-02-11T12:00:41+01:00
  • Video category: video contribution shown on television or published online
  • Audio category: audio contribution broadcast on the radio or published online
  • Text contribution category: text contribution published in a print medium or online
  • Multimedia category: a presentation published online and combining at least two of the following three elements: video, audio, text.
Can series be entered? 2019-02-11T12:01:46+01:00

Loose series are not eligible for the competition in their entirety. Self-contained series on a topic can be entered however, with a maximum of 5 parts needing to be exemplarily selected from longer series.

Can entire shows be entered in the Video and Audio categories? 2019-02-11T12:02:40+01:00


Can newspapers or magazines be entered in the Text Contribution category as a whole? 2019-02-11T12:03:24+01:00

No, whole newspapers or magazines are not eligible for the competition.

Can a book be entered in the Text Contribution category? 2019-02-11T12:03:56+01:00


Does the call for entries only relate to permanent websites? 2019-02-11T12:04:47+01:00

Non-permanent internet presentations can also be entered. Should the internet presentation no longer be available online in the period between the registration deadline and jury meetings (1 March to end of May), it needs to be supplied to the FGJP in a suitable form.

Which format is required for video entries? 2019-02-11T12:04:57+01:00

Video entries must be submitted in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC coding, either by upload in the online form (max. size 256 MB), by direct download link, or by post on a DVD, CD or USB stick.

Which format is required for audio entries? 2019-02-11T12:05:29+01:00

Audio entries can either be submitted by upload in the online form (maximum size 256 MB), by direct download link or on a DVD, CD or USB stick in the commonly used formats (wav, aiff, mp3).

Which format is required for entries in the Text Contribution category? 2019-02-11T12:05:44+01:00

As a clearly legible scan in the form of a PDF file that is uploaded in the online registration process.

Can I upload entries for the Video and Audio categories in the online registration process? 2019-02-11T12:05:58+01:00

Yes. The size limit of 256 MB must not be exceeded in doing so. If files are larger, please provide us with a direct download link or send us a data carrier (CD, DVD).

Will entries submitted in the Video and Audio categories be returned to the authors/editorial teams? 2019-02-11T12:06:09+01:00

No, the FGJP office will keep them for five years for legal reasons. Entries may also be returned upon request in justified cases, however.

Can I interrupt the registration in the online form and continue it later without my data being lost? 2019-02-11T12:06:21+01:00

Yes, provided that the minimum mandatory fields required for this (marked with an asterisk in the form) have been filled in.

Is it possible to enter the competition for the Young Talent Prize directly? 2019-02-11T12:06:38+01:00

No. The Young Talent Prize is cross-category. The winner is selected from all nominated authors who are no older than 30 and have not won the main prize in the respective category. The entry must moreover not be based on a cooperation with authors or journalists who are over 31.

Is the FGJP Honorary Award still being conferred? 2019-02-11T12:07:01+01:00

No, the Honorary Award has been replaced by the “Franco-German Media Prize”. This prize is awarded by the FGJP’s Advisory Board to journalists, editorial teams, newspapers or magazines, radio or television programme suppliers and persons or organizations generally working or present in the media in Germany, France and Europe who have rendered outstanding services to Franco-German and European unification.

Can the competition for the Media Prize be entered directly? 2019-02-11T10:19:38+01:00

No. Candidates may be suggested to the FGJP office, however.

Why have the categories of the 2012 FGJP been changed? 2019-02-11T12:07:20+01:00

The definition of categories is meant to ensure the comparability of entries within them and cater to the developments in the media market. This is also why the categories are no longer based on the medium in which an entry has been published (Television, Radio, Print Media and Internet), as it was the case in the past, but on the entry type (Video, Audio, Text Contribution, Multimedia).

What does it mean that the organizer is exempted from third-party claims in the event of a prize being awarded? Who are the parties involved that need to approve of the submission? 2019-02-11T12:07:30+01:00

The creation of the contribution gives rise to copyrights and ancillary copyrights for various holders. Persons submitting entries need to confirm that they have acquired the corresponding rights from them to enable the entry’s registration for the award, inclusion in the attendant appraisal, and possible use if a prize is awarded. This also means that the entry and/or excerpts thereof can be broadcast in the reporting about the prize in the award organizers’ programmes and published online. The organizers are therefore not liable for claims possibly raised by the holders of copyrights and ancillary copyrights.

Why does the age of all authors need to be disclosed in the registration form? 2019-02-11T12:07:41+01:00

The information on their age is required for a possible consideration for the Young Talent Prize, which can only be awarded to authors no older than 30.

Do I need to be a French or German national to enter the competition, or to reside in one of the two countries? 2019-02-11T12:08:12+01:00

No, the author’s nationality and place of residence are irrelevant for taking part in the FGJP.

Can I enter the competition again if I have been awarded the FGJP in the past already? 2019-02-11T12:12:27+01:00

Yes. It is possible to win the FGJP several times, in the same or also other categories.