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Project Description

Deutsch-Französische Hochschule

Villa Europa
Kohlweg 7
66123 Saarbrücken
Tel.: 0681 / 93812 – 100
Fax: 0681 / 93812 – 111
E-mail: info@dfh-ufa.org
Internet: www.dfh-ufa.org

The Franco-German University is an international funding institution founded in 1997. Its administrative headquarters (secretariat with ca. 40 staff) are in Saarbrücken. As an association of 185 member universities in Germany, France and other partner countries that is unique in the world, the DFH promotes cooperation between the two neighbouring countries in a university and research context. In doing so, the DFH is by no means satisfied with only exchanging students, but also offers 175 integrated Franco-German graduate and post-graduate courses in virtually all disciplines as an umbrella organization, including engineering and sciences, business administration, law, the humanities and social sciences, for example. Some of these courses involve third countries. The budget of currently ca. € 14 million is provided by France and Germany in equal parts.

The approximately 6,000 students currently funded by the DFH jointly attend one half of their integrated binational courses in France and the other half in Germany, with exactly identical requirements. During their period abroad, they are provided with a mobility allowance (currently € 270 a month). Over 16,000 student from both countries have taken their degrees at the Franco-German University already, receiving the final diplomas of both universities involved. At the same time, the graduates are provided with the DFH certificate, which is highly regarded in the international labour market and confirms that they have not only enjoyed an excellent specialist training in the framework of a demanding study course, but also acquired intercultural competences and perfectly mastered the partner language.

Besides integrated degree courses, the Franco-German University also supports the mobility of PhD students. By cooperations in the area of structured postgraduate training, it permits PhDs to be acquired in both countries (Cotutelle de thèse). The DFH is currently funding 23 PhD courses.

As a binational institution, the DFH attaches particular importance to promoting journalistic talents by awarding the Franco-German Journalism Prize in the Multimedia category.

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