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Project Description


Raderberggürtel 40
D-50968 Köln
Tel.: 0221 / 345.2172 (Communication)

Deutschlandradio with its three programmes Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and Deutschlandfunk Nova was founded on 1 January 1994. As a public corporation, it is sponsored by the 16 Federal Länder as well as the ARD and ZDF. All three full programmes are broadcast nationwide and completely free of advertising.

Deutschlandfunk: whatever is relevant

The Deutschlandfunk is one of the leading information proposals in the German-speaking region – quality journalism for concentrated listening with over 80 percent verbal content, current news and information magazines full of background. A lively and controversial, opinionated and well-founded light is cast on current events in politics, business, art, literature, science, research, education and media. The programme is regarded as a “quality anchor” and agenda-setter for political and cultural Germany. Close listeners will also discover a new sound design from May, presenting the proven contents in a fresh and up-to-date package.

Deutschlandfunk Kultur: the culture section on the radio

Deutschlandfunk Kultur is the nation’s culture radio: informative, sensual and entertaining. Culture is highlighted in a manner that is close to everyday life, artistic and genre-crossing. Political events are recounted in their cultural and social context. Deutschlandfunk Kultur is culture radio in its modern form: sophisticated, but not elitist; curious, cosmopolitan and deepening.

Deutschlandfunk Nova: it’s complicated. Plus good pop

For a younger target group, Deutschlandfunk Nova offers exciting information, but also discerning pop music beyond the mainstream, understandable news and presentations at eye level – and most of all an opportunity for playing a part in what’s going on at any time via social media.