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The Franco-German Journalism Prize has long since become a fixture of the dialogue between the opinion leaders of our two countries. Acclaimed prize winners and promising young talents have both been and are being honoured. Even in the seventh decade since the end of World War II, the Franco-German Journalism Prize thus makes an independent, but not immodest at all, contribution to the continuous analysis, but also to the understanding of the respective partner.

Precisely to prevent routine in the relations between the two countries and peoples, it is important to also assure one another with this prize and its prize winners as to how the relations are continuing their development and where Germany and France, but also the whole of Europe, stand in political and cultural terms. The prize here serves a similar function as the Franco-German television channel ARTE does every day, another example for the intensive Franco-German cultural and media connections.

As a partner of ARTE as well as the Franco-German Journalism Prize, ZDF wishes all prize winners that they will not only use their award as a confirmation, but also as an encouragement for the future. May they continue to be inclined towards France and Germany while observing with engagement and interest how the partner country presents itself every year, and how it is perceived from the respectively other side of the Rhine.