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44, rue du Canal
L-4050 Esch-sur-Alzette
Tel.: +352 54 71 30
E-mail: redaktion@tageblatt.lu
Internet: www.tageblatt.lu

The Tageblatt is a Luxembourgian daily that has been standing for opinion-forming, values and engagement since 1913. The sold circulation runs to around 20,000 copies, helping the Tageblatt reach 46,000 readers a day. Chief Editor and Director General Danièle Fonck is simultaneously also CEO of Editpress Luxembourg, which the Tageblatt is a part of. Amongst others, this group furthermore includes Le Jeudi, L’essentiel, Le Quotidien, Revue and Live in Luxembourg, as well as L’essentiel Radio and Eldoradio. The corporation additionally maintains international partnerships with Tamedia, Rossel, Le Monde, Le Républicain Lorrain, and the Saarbrücker Zeitung. Editpress Luxembourg employs around 500 staff, a tenth of whom are working in the editorial office of the Tageblatt. In 2016 and 2017, the Tageblatt was twice honoured with five “Awards of Excellence“ at the European Newspaper Awards.

The vocation of journalism is a wide-ranging task area. Finding subjects and research form the basic structure of the journalistic work. The Franco-German Journalism Prize supports young journalists; their best are alternately honoured in Paris and Berlin every year. The Tageblatt is not only a partner because Luxembourg lies between the two countries or because it reaches a German-speaking as well as a Francophone readership, but rather by dint of its transnational activities with its German and French partners. But the Tageblatt and its partners at the Franco-German Journalism Prize most of all pursue the shared objective of bringing out the vocation of journalism more clearly and thus promoting cosmopolitanism, enlightenment and European cooperation. A task that has gained the utmost importance in an age of populistic movements.