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Project Description


Ursulinenstraße 2
66111 Saarbrücken
Tel.: +49 (0)681 / 383 01
Fax: +49 (0)681 / 383 1200

The SaarLB…

… is the Franco-German regional bank. Besides the Saarland (and adjoining areas in Germany), our roots also lie in neighbouring France, and there especially in Alsace-Lorraine . In this Europeanized region in the best sense, we perceive excellent future opportunities.

… places a focus on SMEs. We look after corporate clients, real estate investors and project financings (especially renewable energies), as well as substantial private and institutional clients. We maintain partnerships on equal terms and offer our clients focussed financial services.

… understands itself as a motor for the economic region. We want to play an active role in its sustainable development. We are a partner for the Saarland’s government and also for the region’s local authorities, in cooperation with the savings banks.

… is a partner of S-CountryDesk. We make our competences available to this international network of the Savings Banks Finance Group in the French business.

… maintains locations in Saarbrücken (head office), Metz (branch), Strasbourg and Paris (sales offices).

… has a balance sheet total of € 16.5 billion. We employ circa 560 staff (basis: 2014 annual report).

Many years of experience in the French market enable the bank’s cross-border success today. As a Franco-German regional bank, the SaarLB has a unique selling point amongst public banks as well as all German commercial banks.

We principally support German companies/investors in the French market and French companies/investors in the German market. We benefit from our:

  • many years of experience in dealing with the neighbouring market
  • knowledge and acceptance of French legal standards
  • awareness of the respective business practices and cultural differences
  • employees who either speak French or have grown up bilingually.

As a legal entity under public law, we feel committed and obligated to society and the region to a special degree. We make an important contribution to cultural diversity and promoting the sciences in the greater region. Examples include the SaarLB Science Prize awarded as part of the greater region’s Interregional Science Prize, or our support for and cooperation with universities such as EM Strasbourg and the Franco-German University Institute ISFATES.