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Prize Winners 2013

Media Prize

Daniel Cohn-Bendit (photo: X21de – Reiner Freese)

Daniel Cohn-Bendit foregoes Media Prize
29/04/2013: MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit has informed the management of the Franco-German Journalism Prize that he eschews being awarded the 2013 FGJP Media Prize.

According to Cohn-Bendit, his decision is decisively based on the negative echo experienced after being awarded the Theodor Heuss Prize. He said that he would need to fear being targeted again in the upcoming Bundestag election campaign, adding that he does not wish to expose himself to this and is foregoing the award for this reason.

Video Category

Delphine Prunault

 „Le miracle allemand, à quel prix ?“

France 2

Delphine Prunault

The Video Prize goes to Delphine Prunault for “The German Miracle, at what Price?”, a contribution from the “Envoyé spécial” show on France 2.

The author treats of a dominant political issue in the Franco-German discussion. The film demystifies the German economy and shows the strengths and weaknesses of the German success model. With its design, clear stance and courage to be controversial, the film initiates a debate.

Audio Category

Delphine Simon

„Mon père s’appelait Werner“

France Inter

Delphine Simon

The Audio Prize is awarded to Delphine Simon for “My Dad’s Called Werner”, broadcast by France Inter.

The protagonists talk about themselves and their feelings with power and authenticity. Even 50 years after the Élysée Treaty, there are still important aspects of Franco-German history that have hardly been treated in the media. Delphine Simon shows us people who cannot escape the grasp of this history to this day.

Text Contribution Category

La Croix

 „France-Allemagne, les noces d’or“


In the Text Contribution category, the prize goes to the French daily “La Croix” for the dossier “France-Germany, the Golden Wedding”.

It treats of various facets of Franco-German relations from an original perspective. In the process, it describes relationships in everyday life that form the actual backbone of this friendship, and draws on many voices that reflect the diversity of the links between France and Germany.

Multimedia Category

Tawan Arun / Joris Rühl
„Portraits de frontières“

Tawan Arun

Joris Rühl

The Multimedia Prize is awarded to Tawan Arun and Joris Rühl for “Border Portraits”, published on

The members of the jury were won over by the rich and modern multimedia realization of the subject of “European borders”. The authors meanwhile leave the framework of Franco-German relations and lift it to a European dimension by introducing users to new borders and familiarizing them with new neighbours.

Young Talent Prize donated by the Franco-German Youth Office

Isabelle Foucrier

 „Der Diavortrag“


Isabelle Foucrier (photo : Julien Patry)

The Young Talent Prize donated by the Franco-German Youth Office is awarded to Isabelle Foucrier for the series “The Slide Show”, shown by ARTE.

The author realizes current issues at the interface of web, video and text creatively, originally and humorously, all while playing with the cliché of the dreaded classic slide show. The extraordinary design helps her address a broad and hence also younger audience.