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Project Description

Prize Winners 2005

Honorary Prize

Jérôme Clément, Dieter Stolte, Jobst Plog

D. Stolte, J. Clément, J. Plog

The Honorary Prize is awarded to the founders and preservers of ARTE: Jérôme Clément, Dieter Stolte and Jobst Plog. Ever since its establishment, the channel has taken up a convincing variety of subjects from both countries, treated them interculturally, and contributed to a better mutual understanding of French and German nationals to a special degree.

Television Prize

Serge Moati / Ruth Zylberman

„Enemies, Neighbours, Friends”


S. Moati, R. Zylberman

Serge Moati has been directing documentaries and movies for television and the big screen since 1968. Starting from 1990, he has been CEO of the production company Image & Compagnie.

Ruth Zylberman is an author and director of documentaries. The two let French and German correspondents reminisce about 40 years of witnessed history: knowledgeably, often engaged, sometimes from a critical distance.

Radio Prize

Peter Hölzle / Günter Liehr

“Vichy at the Danube”

Radio France Internationale (RFI)

G. Liehr, P. Hölzle

Peter Hölzle is a freelance journalist with a PhD in literature. He works for ARD radio, but also a number of papers. Günter Liehr has been living in Paris since 1977 and is a reporter for RFI. He is also the author of many publications about the French media landscape and history of Paris.

The reportage recounts the last stop of French collaborators at Sigmaringen Castle in October 1944. The authors realized this explosive subject elegantly and with great expertise.

Print Media Prize

Pascale Hugues

“Mon Berlin” column

Der Tagesspiegel

Pascale Hugues

Pascale Hugues is the German correspondent of Le Point and Libération in Berlin. In her bi-weekly column in Der Tagesspiegel, she observes precisely, tracks down witty differences and commonalities between the French and Germans, and analyses them shrewdly.

Internet Prize – donated by the Département de la Moselle

Hélène Chevallier

“The Landing through German Eyes”

Hélène Chevallier is an editor at Radio France. Her online presentation supplements a weekly dossier of Radio France and makes optimal use of the medium’s multimedia potentials (texts, images, audio clips and hypertextual links). To do this, the author has sought out contemporary witnesses in Germany.

Young Talent Prize donated by the Franco-German Youth Office

The editors of “Extra”

Le Républicain Lorrain / Saarbrücker Zeitung

To create this bilingual youth supplement, a sum total of 14 German and French youths from the Saarland and Lorraine discussed, researched and put down on paper the issues that move them in their respective language under the direction of Chris Mathieu.