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Project Description

Prize Winners 2006

Honorary Prize

Ulrich Wickert

Ulrich Wickert

The presenter of ARD’s daily “Tagesthemen” news magazine used to serve the ARD as a Paris correspondent for many years. He is being honoured for his reporting about France and engagement for improving Franco-German relations.

Television Prize

Imke Meier

“Vivian – Six Months Alone in France”

ZDF / Kinderkanal

Imke Meier

Imke Meier has been serving the ZDF’s children and youth programme department as an editor and author since 1998. From 1999, she has been creating TV features for 3sat-Kulturzeit, 3sat nano and the “logo!” children’s news, amongst others.

The film traces the stay of a 13 year-old German girl at a host family in France in an authentic and original manner.

Radio Prize

Aurélie Luneau

“In the Footsteps of Rudi the Red”

France Culture

Aurélie Luneau

Aurélie Luneau was born in Mühlheim (Baden-Württemberg) and holds a PhD in history. She is the author of many radio features and has been working for France Culture since 1998. Since 2004, she has been deputy editor of the show “The New Fabric of History”.
In her feature, Aurélie Luneau portrays the student movement in Germany and France with skill and historical accuracy.

Print Media Prize

Lorenz Wagner

“The General would have said ‘oui'”

Financial Times Deutschland

Lorenz Wagner

Lorenz Wagner comes from Saarbrücken originally and has been working for the Financial Times Deutschland since 1999, first as a news editor, now as a reporter.  He regularly writes special features about France.

In the run-up to the French referendum on Europe, Lorenz Wagner visited De Gaulle’s place of death, arguing that De Gaulle would not have only voted ‘oui’, but also managed to convince his citizens of this.

Internet Prize – donated by the Département de la Moselle

Andreas Noll

“Search for Traces in a Bewildered Country. France – a Winter Journey“

Andreas Noll

Andreas Noll served the daily Westfälische Rundschau as a local editor for many years and has been working for Deutsche Welle as a free journalist since 2004. He managed the launch of the Franco-German information site at online.

The differentiated analysis of the events in winter 2005/06 takes many facets of the internet into account and transports great authenticity by the selection of its visual materials.

Young Talent Price donated by the Franco-German Youth Office

Rencontres and chief editor Johanna Heinen

Johanna Heinen

Johanna Heinen was born in 1980 and comes from a Luxembourgian-Finnish family. She read French Studies at Free University Berlin. In October 2003, she founded the Franco-German magazine “Rencontres”.

The non-commercial project involves over a hundred students, journalists, translators and photographers aiming to awaken and promote interest in the neighbouring country’s language and culture.