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Prize Winners 2002

Honorary Prize

Georg Stefan Troller

Georg Stefan Troller

The 2002 Honorary Prize is awarded to the long-standing television correspondent for ARD and ZDF in Paris, Georg Stefan Troller, in recognition of his outstanding and exemplary journalistic engagement for Franco-German understanding.

Television Prize

Frédéric Chignac

„L’orchestre des chômeurs“

France 3

Frédéric Chignac

The passionate historian Frédéric Chignac wants to portray situations that are beyond imagining. As in his feature “The Orchestra of the Unemployed”, shown by France 3 in its series “Don’t Dream”. This film strikingly describes the fight for survival of an orchestra of unemployed people founded in East Berlin. This because many musical groupings fell victim to reunification for economic reasons.

Television Prize – Short Reportage

Sabine Willkop

„Jacques und Lotka“


Sabine Willkop

Sabine Willkop has been working for SWR television and radio since 1989. The prize is awarded to her short “Jacques und Lotka”, produced for the SWR series “Night Culture”. It tells the story of a French woman who, through a chance acquaintance at the library, discovers her true identity and that her parents – Jacques and Lotka – were executed as resistance fighters.

Radio Prize

Günter Liehr / Alexander Musik
„Der dritte Flughafen für Paris stört die Ruhe der Lebenden – und Toten“

Radio France Internationale

Günter Liehr

Alexander Musik

The radio journalist and non-fiction author Günter Liehr has been living in Paris since 1977. The publications by him on the French media landscape and history of Paris are many. The main Radio Prize is being awarded to him and Alexander Musik for the RFI radio reportage “The Third Airport for Paris Disturbs the Peace of the Living – and the Dead”. Their feature maps out the lively discussions around the construction of the planned airport, combining history and topicality very skilfully in doing so.

The literary scholar Alexander Musik has been working as a radio and print journalist since 1991. He has been living in Paris since April 2001 and created a great number of foreign reports, most of all about the social upheavals in Central Europe. He is sharing the main Radio Prize with Günter Liehr for their reportage “The Third Airport for Paris Disturbs the Peace of the Living – and the Dead”.


Print Media Prize

Michael Neubauer

„Wer fackelt am besten“

Badische Zeitung

Michael Neubauer read German, political and Romance studies in Freiburg and Basle. He is currently working as a correspondent for Badische Zeitung in Strasbourg and Alsace. His reportage “Who Torches the Best” awarded the main Print Media Prize throws a poignant light on violent youth riots in a typical high-rise estate at the periphery of Strasbourg.

Special Prize of the Franco-German Cultural Council – Radio Category

Patrice Gelinet
„La résistance allemande à Hitler”

France Inter

Patrice Gelinet

The shows of former history teacher Patrice Gelinet delve into the history of our civilization. The jury particularly commended the quality of his work and awarded him the Prize of the Franco-German Cultural Council for his feature “The German Resistance to Hitler”. The show was broadcast by France Inter in its series “2000 Years of History”. The documentary treats of an important aspect of German contemporary history skilfully and in a lively manner.

Special Prize of the Franco-German Cultural Council – Print Media Category

Jacqueline Hénard
„Viel gelobt, wenig gesehen“

Die Zeit

Jacqueline Hénard

After studying in Montpellier, Paris and London, Jacqueline Hénard worked for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for 17 years and has been the Paris correspondent of Die Zeit since 1997. She is being awarded the Special Prize of the Franco-German Cultural Council for her article “Much praised, little watched”. Occasioned by the 10th anniversary of ARTE, she affords the reader an insight into the workings of the Franco-German culture channel and different cultures of the two countries that is as well-meaningly critical as it is knowledgeable.

Prize of the Franco-German Youth Office

Pascale Hugues / Michael Hammon

„Gehen oder bleiben? Jugendliche in Deutschland-Ost“


Pascale Hugues

Michael Hammon

“Go or Stay” is the first film created by Pascale Hugues, German correspondent of French news magazine “Le Point”. This production for ARTE gives a voice to young East Germans trying to establish lives in the realities of east and west as a generation of doubt and hope. The jury is awarding the Prize of the Franco-German Youth Office to her and Michael Hammon.

The South African-born director and cameraman Michael Hammon splits his life between South Africa and Germany. He has directed a number of movies already and won many prizes. He shares the Special Prize of the Franco-German Youth Office with Pascale Hugues for the ARTE production “Go or Stay”, a reportage about young East Germans trying to make a life for themselves in the realities between east and west.