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Award Ceremony 2012

Picture gallery with photos of the award ceremony (© X21de – Reiner Freese)

You can find and download more pictures of the award ceremony here (external link).

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Impressions of the award ceremony

Date: 28/06/2012
Length: 04:58 min.

The award winners and the best moments of the evening

Media Prize winner Alfred Grosser

Date: 28706/2012
Length: 07:10 min.

In this speech Alfred Grosser expresses his thanks for being awarded with the Franco-German Media Prize.

Panel discussion “50 years Elysée-Treaty” with Alfred Grosser, Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Michaela Wiegel

Date: 28/06/2012
Length: 22:00 min.

At the FGJP-Award Ceremony on 28 June in Berlin, Alfred Grosser, Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Michaela Wiegel discuss about the historic meaning of the Elysée-Treaty as well as current questions and problems regarding the Eurozone crisis.