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Project Description

Prize Winners 2008

Media Prize

Tomi Ungerer

Tomi Ungerer

This native Alsatian emphasizes Franco-German relations again and again. With his motifs, he builds bridges between the two countries that need no words. His provocative drawings have earned the artist popularity on this and the other side of the Rhine.

Television Prize

Cathérine Menschner

“Off to Prison – How Girls Become Delinquent”


Cathérine Menschner

The jury commends the originality of the subject: a comparison of the life realities of delinquent girls in Germany and France.

The author has succeeded in finding disturbingly powerful protagonists who are authentic and moving – an investigative research achievement without a doubt.

Radio Prize

Vera Laudahn

“France Goes to the Polls – A Reportage Journey through Southern France”


Vera Laudahn

In a lively manner, the author has succeeded in drawing a concise and differentiated picture of French society before the presidential election. The jury additionally commends the courage of the editorial team to schedule such a reportage series in a formatted daily accompanying programme at prime time.

Print Media Prize

Heimo Fischer

“Election Campaign in France – Snapshots”

Financial Times Deutschland

Heimo Fischer

In four short reports from various areas and regions, the author has managed to deliver a vivid and informative picture of the mood in the French presidential election campaign. He has succeeded in providing an atmospherically dense description that portraits the subject without preconceptions.

Internet Prize – donated by the Département de la Moselle

Eva John / Romy Straßenburg

„Generation 80“

R. Strassenburg, E. John

The jury commends the refreshing and very personal look at various aspects of young people’s attitudes to life in Berlin and Paris. In doing so, “Generation 80” draws on the medium’s multimedia potentials with pictures, self-made audio clips and flash animations, but without technically overloading the presentation. Instead, it animates readers to go on a journey of discovery. The graphic design and Advent Calendar form were also found convincing.

Young Talent Prize donated by the Franco-German Youth Office

Martina Andrecht

“Parisian Life Seen by a German – Five Franco-German Pellets”

France 3 Ile-de-France

Martina Andrecht

In her features, the author lovingly confronts the French with their little quirks. The contributions are original, humorous, fresh and occasionally cheeky, but also informative. The jury’s explicit praise goes to the editorial department at France 3 Ile-de-France for their courage to champion this unusual form of reporting.